Sunday Worship

Our Sunday morning worship service (10:00am – 11:45am) offers an opportunity to meet with God in a comfortable setting with a variety of content that accommodates seniors, singles, families, youth and visitors. Preservice Prayer begins at 9:30am.

Our service begins at 10am with an opening period of worship with familiar choruses & anthems of faith and transitions into a Scripture Reading and Prayer. We encourage freedom of expression and anticipate the spontaneous and corporate activity of the Holy Spirit in our meetings. At 10:30 we break for announcements and a more formal welcome that invites families to rally prior to Kids Church.

Following an Offering, we settle in for Bible preaching that’s faithful, relevant and in touch with our community. Our service closes with a short period of worship and a time for response & personal expression.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy our entire morning together keeping in mind that we encourage a diverse range of: personal expression, music selection and age related interests.