Core Values


Is it a vine? Is it a branch? Yes, it’s both, and more.

Park Drive Church is located in the Okanagan valley. Our logo is a metaphor of our place in this community. The Okanagan valley is a best known for its vast orchards and vineyards which have been made possible by the redirecting of water through this desert wasteland.

We believe in a spiritual parallel that we are called to be just that in our community; a redirecting of the life that we have received through Jesus Christ, our Lord, to the people of our community.

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Community and Fellowship

The leaves show the mix of individuals as their lives blend together. We seek to be a community within a community; a family of faith within a town of Oliver. We want to grow in our interdependence with our family of faith in the midst of an independent culture. We don’t merely want to share experiences with others, we want to share lives. We also want to be a part of people’s lives in our local community that we might be salt, and light, and love in this area that God has gifted us to be apart of.


Learning and Growth

Two different stages of growth, like a plant,a life is meant to continually grow. We seek to be ever moving forward in both our knowledge of God and our love for Him. We do not want to personally or corporately come to a place in the life where we grow satisfied in what we have learned or who we have become. We understand that the nature of God being limitless serves as a permanent motivation for us to pursue Him further. We want to follow Christ in His emphasis on both discipleship and mentor-ship.


Honesty and Transparency

The two leaves are drawn together by the transparent nature of the one. In an age where covering up weakness and hiding errors is common for individuals, corporations and even governments we seek to be a congregation that is transparent in who we are as people, and who we are as a church. We want to be honest before God and one another in where we are struggling, and in what we are struggling with. We believe hiding struggles is a recipe for breakdown on many levels.


Adoration and Prayer

The leaves are lifted like hands in love, adoring and praying to Jesus. We seek to express the true sentiments of our hearts in our love for, thankfulness to, and worship of Jesus Christ. He is the greatest love in our lives and the one to whome we are most thankful. Individually, and corporately we seek to communicate our hearts to Him in honesty, sincerity and truth. Throughout our lives we want to honor the things God honors that in all things we may grow to become more like him


Service and Sacrifice

Fruit is grown by the plant to nourish something else as the lives we live are meant to benefit others. We seek to follow Jesus’ challenging command to daily take up your cross and follow”. We recognize that the great expressions of love involve laying aside our selfish desires and giving who we are and what we have for the sake of someone else. We make no distinction in people when we seek to serve or sacrifice for them. If you are human, you qualify, and we will love you.


Freedom and Grace

As leaves are most ‘free’ in the wind, we are most free in obedience and surrender to Jesus. We seek to live in personal freedom walking out our salvation knowing Jesus’ desire for His church is to be free from condemnation and judgment. We also seek to offer others the social freedom to be who God has made them to be without forcing our comforts upon others and without stealing their preferences from them. We want to live in unity and we understand it may be an ever evolving process as we each journey closer to Jesus throughout this life.


Wholeness and Reconciliation

The split leaf shows the before and after; from brokeness to wholeness In our world of so much brokeness we live to see healing in every way nd at every level of the human experiance. The ultimate goal in all of redemptive history is the restoration of humanity to the place God originally intended, in perfect relationship with God, ourselves, and others. We want to be a part of God’s redemptive story in the lives of every person we encounter. It is our life prayer and daily passion to see each person grow from where they are hurting to a place of complete wholeness and reconciliation.


Rooted in Scripture

The roots, though hidden from view, are the plants greatest strength We seek to use the living Word of God, as recorded and passed on to us through the Holy Scriptures, as our foundation to build our lives upon. All that we do and all we prioritize must pass the test of fulfilling and agreeing with, as best we understand it to, the truth set forth in Scripture. We want to be ‘people of the Book’, who know, understand and most importantly live in accordance with the Bible.

Our affiliation with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada also gives specific clarity to our theological positions derived from Scripture.