Growing Together in Faith, Hope & Love… we aspire to be vibrant, honest, and inclusive in loving others just as God welcomes us. There’s no dress code and freedom is encouraged in our times together.

ONLINE Sunday Worship Service Video Playlists (Available During Covid 19 Pandemic)

Our church facility is currently closed for regular programming and activities. However, our church family and guests are welcome to join us online by video participation in your own home. See below to join in our concert of praise!

April 05.2020


Kids Sunday School Videos


Youth Videos

Previous Sunday Worship Videos

(March 29.2020)

(March 22.2020)

Regular Sunday Worship

Our Sunday morning worship service (10:00am – 11:45am) offers an opportunity to meet with God in a comfortable setting with a variety of content that accommodates seniors, singles, families, youth and visitors. Pre-service Prayer begins at 9:30am.