PDC Kids

Kids Go To Church Too!

If you’ve never been to Kids’ church, you don’t know what’s up!

Okay, we’re mostly kidding. But really, every Sunday we host PDC Kids for grades 1-6 from 11 to 12! If your child loves games, mini challenges, jammin’ to worship music and learning about the Bible, then we’d love to have them out for all of the above activities and more! The PDC Kids schedule can be viewed below.

Covid 19 Safety Measures:

With the recent COVID19 pandemic, we are consistently taking safety precautions to keep our families and community safe while serving them to the best of our ability. Your child can expect to be seated away from other children, to have their hands sanitized several times throughout the program, and to be encouraged to wear a mask. We recognizes that this pandemic is particularly difficult for children and families, and are doing our best to uphold both the government mandated safety measures as well as a comfortable and safe atmosphere for everyone involved.

To register for Park Drive Kids, head over to the main Family Worship Registration page and designate your child as an attendee of PDC Kids.

We’re so excited to see you this Sunday!



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